Why Step to Abroad

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Welcome to the “STEP TO ABROAD” Education and Immigration Consultant.

The decision to Study and become a permanent resident of another country is one of the most important decisions you’re possibly ever going to make. Thus it is important that you choose consultants / specialists that CAN realistically assist you through this process with integrity, and advise you on your best course of action. The Managing Director of STEP to ABROAD Education and Immigration Consultant – have +6 years previous experience as an Education and Immigration Consultant with Canada, USA, New Zealand , Australia, UK Etc. Step To Abroad has experience in providing an excellent service as an “independent” Education and Immigration specialist. He has in-depth knowledge and practical skills relating to the current policies of the Canada, USA, New Zealand Australia, New Zealand, UK Government’s Immigration Act, Immigration Amendment Act, Regulations and Amendment Regulations. He has extensive experience in both areas of Education, Temporary and Permanent Entry policy. Since April 2012, operated as a self employed “independent” as Education and Immigration Specialist with a 99% success rate of IELTS, Education Services and Permanent entry applications.

This extensive background knowledge of overseas study and Immigration matters and access to the most up to date policy gives you, the customer, the best available assistance in obtaining a successful result. Operating the business from a home base, keeps our overheads to a minimum and enables us to pass these benefits onto our valued client by offering very competitive fees, whilst at the same time providing a very professional service second to none. No areas compromised.